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What is this website?

I'm a huge fan of the Ranged Touch podcast network and pretty active within their Discord community. Their show Homestuck Made This World provides critical analysis and historical context for the comic and the fan activity around it. The show has now reached the era of Tumblr, and it can be very difficult to get any sort of historical insight out of the platform. This site collates all Tumblr posts tagged #homestuck for each HMTW "partisode" (podcast episode) and provides filtering and sorting utilities to look through that data.

Table of contents
  • This tab, the Overview tab contains some basic metrics around general post counts. I might add more here later.
  • The Tags tab shows both a word cloud and a tabular breakdown of tags appearing alongside #homestuck by popularity.
  • The Posts tab allows you to scan through #homestuck posts filtered chronologically or by popularity. A search feature is planned.
  • The Photo Gallery tabshows all photos which appear on specifically Tumblr "photo" posts. Photos that appear within the text of other types of post are not included.
Warnings and caveats

I have attempted to retrieve all posts under that tag, though some limitations of the Tumblr API make it difficult to ensure 100% coverage. Posts which have been deleted or made private are not included. Additionally, due to digital decay not all existing posts contain all their original embeds.

Content Warning: This is intended as a historical tool, and as such no attempt has been made to filter posts based on content. The archive here certainly contains NSFW posts, and likely contains some offensive / morally objectionable content. While the date filtering does seem to prevent most spoilers, some posts have been edited at a later date and may contain homestuck story content from after the selected date range. Peruse at your own risk.

Find something broken, buggy, or missing from the archive?

I'm happy to take a look at any problems and see if a fix is possible. I'm most easily reached at Andy#3576 on Discord.

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